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Camella San Juan is a feature rich community that has the relaxing and pampering amenities and facilities that the residents will enjoy when they choose to live in the townhomes community. 

One of the amazing features of Camella San Juan is its themed clubhouse. It provides residents with a space to bond and cherish moments together.  New neighbors and community members will be able to develop and nurture bonds and create lasting memories in the self-contained community. The clubhouse is large enough to accommodate a number of residents during events and special occasions. Parties and special family events can also be held here. 

The community also has its own swimming pool. It is the ideal venue in the summer when the weather is unforgiving.  Residents and their loved ones will be able to soak and swim in the hot days without having to leave the premises. By choosing it here, they also do not have to go to the nearby beach resorts and swimming pools.

There is also a volleyball court in the community. It is the ideal venue for volleyball games and tournaments.  Playing sports can also improve the fitness of the residents.  They will also be able to spend the time with new neighbors and develop bonding with them.  New neighbors and community members will be able to make lasting memories and play sports together.  

Speaking of a volleyball court, there are also play courts where children and adults alike can spend the time to bond with each other and sweat playing sports and staying fit together.

For more of the social and interactive features offered by Camella Homes, there are also playgrounds and community plaza in the venue. It will provide them the best times of their lives just relaxing and spending lazy afternoons in the plaza.  Children will also be able to play with other kids in the community and improve their interpersonal and social skills.   

In addition, they will be able to develop their self-confidence, one of the most important life skills to possess that they need when they grow up and be in professional world where they can meet and work with colleagues and business partners.

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